Antique Imperial Green Zippered Heart Carnival Glass Giant Rose Bowl


  • Color: Green
  • Maker: Imperial
  • Pattern: Zippered Heart
  • Shape: Giant Rose Bowl


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Here is a giant rose bowl in Imperial’s Zippered Heart pattern! It’s a pretty scarce pattern generally but in this massive piece it’s even harder to find!!

Iridescence is true to form for Imperial green… subtle with gold/silver metal like coloring. Some light and missing spray in a couple of areas but this is a large intricate piece so that would be expected.

The pattern is A BEAUTY! When you look at it the right way it almost resembles an owl…. had someone point that out to me at a convention once and now I see the owl every time I look at it!

You rarely see these sold publicly… only 5 or 6 in the past decade.

There is a burst bubble on the top of the intricate scalloped base… also a fleabite or roughness on the bottom rim edge of a scallop… really nothing for something as heavy as this piece.  (See photos) The only other one I saw had a very large chip on it.

Note this is a large, heavy piece of carnival glass! I can tell you personally it displays beautifully with all of your other glass!  If you saw the photo on the home page, you can see how nice it looks with other pieces!!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

9 inches tall

6 1/8 inches belly diameter