Antique Imperial Marigold Morning Glory w/Snowflake Carnival Glass Funeral Vase


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Imperial
  • Pattern: Morning Glory
  • Shape: Vase


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A very nice, large, Imperial MORNING GLORY Funeral Vase with a Wide Mouth and a Snowflake (aka Many Little Stars) base.  The top diameter of the 8-Rib Mouth is in the dimensions below.

You don’t see this vase with this base very often.  Since you can’t see the small areas of grit etc, on a couple of points, I have given you a CLOSE UP of this.  All is manufacturing, I have looked at these areas with a loupe.  Two ribs, at the tip top, have sand/grit in them.

This vase will display well.

Circa 19teens.

~NO CHIPS OR CRACKS~ (see manufacturing discussed above)

Approximate dimensions:

13 inches high.

8 3/4 inch top diameter.

4 15/16 inch base.