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Levay Fenton Aqua Opal Butterfly & Berry Carnival Glass Flared Hat Limited #4/8


  • Color: Aqua Opal
  • Maker: Fenton - Levay
  • Pattern: Butterfly & Berry
  • Shape: Hat

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NUMBER 4 of 8 MADE!!

Here is a very, VERY limited version of this fabulous pattern! Fenton made this for Gary Levi, aka Levay Glass! Only 8 were made with this fabulous notched, flared top! You can see the signature, date and number on the base!  These Levay Butterfly & Berry pieces are highly collectible to say the least!

The iridescence is pretty here with a lot of butterscotchiness and some pinks and golds etc!  GREAT PINKS INSIDE! Nice heavy opal!

Aqua colored glass.  Fenton 8 oval on the base.  This was made in 1980.

Great limited piece! It’s a beauty!


Approximate Dimensions

4 5/8 inches top diameter

3 3/8 inches tall