Antique English Sowerby Blue Opal Piasa Bird Opalescent Glass Vase Whimsey


  • Color: Blue Opal
  • Maker: Sowerby
  • Pattern: Piasa Bird
  • Shape: Vase


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Here is a Blue Opal Piasa Bird vase!! I love this pattern… it is so intricate and has a lot going on! This vase sits on 3 Ball & Claw feet which are delightful!

One thing you note here is the cool whimsey shape of this vase. The next thing you notice, and I didn’t capture them very well, are the opalescent rays that go up and down the vase! VERY VERY COOL and unusual!

This is a heavy piece of glass.

Older references go from English to US etc…back & forth.  Mike Carwile found this pattern in a book by Cyril Manley, “Decorative Victorian Glass,” just not in Opal.  So, definitely English. I think most attribute it to Sowerby.

Buy cool and pretty pieces! This one qualifies as BOTH!

Circa early 1900’s.


Approximate dimensions

6 5/8 inches tall

3 1/2 inches top opening diameter

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