Antique Imperial Pink Valencia Brocaded Daffodils w/Gold Carnival Glass Bowl


  • Color: Pink
  • Maker: Fostoria
  • Pattern: Brocaded Daffodils
  • Shape: Bowl


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Here is a neat, eight sided pink Imperial Valencia or Brocaded Daffodils bowl! The pattern is beautiful… the iridescence is beautiful and the gold is well intact!

I’ve not seen one of these in this shape before.  It’s not a handled bowl and could be categorized as a mayonnaise bowl although I think it is too large for that.

The pink is beautiful and no matter what kind of background you put it on, you can see the wonderfully colorful iridescence!  It sits on a collar base.

This glass is made using an Acid Etching Process.  Like Brocaded Material, it is raised above the surface.  In glass, the pattern is only on the interior.  This is also considered to be Elegant Glass.  I thought this was attributable to Fostoria but have been corrected and shown it was made by Imperial!

Circa 1928-31.


Approximate Dimensions

6 1/2 inches across

2 7/8 inches tall

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