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Boyd Art Glass Crystal Decorated Forget Me Not Carnival Glass Toothpick Holder


  • Color: Crystal
  • Maker: Boyd Art Glass
  • Pattern: Forget Me Not, Vermont
  • Shape: Toothpick Holder

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This is the old US Glass pattern, #10560 aka Vermont.  In my readings, I have found that there were 2 moulds, one with the Honeycomb interior called Honeycomb and Flower Rim and one without called Vermont.  In Heacock’s USG book, he states that since he had not seen a piece without the interior pattern, he was going to put them all together.  The mould went from USG to Dagenhart to Boyd.  The Contemporary Carnival Glass pieces are called Forget Me Not by Dagenhart & Boyd.  There is a Hex Optic aka Honeycomb pattern on the interior of this item.

This was made as a Special Order, it is Handpainted and has W.A.C. ’96 on the side.  This is signed with the Boyd mark on the side for 1993-1998.  In this case, this is Boyd’s Crystal Carnival (color #149) that was made Jan 12, 1996 and the next color was made beginning March 1996…Boyd did one color at a time.

I have hunted high and low with no luck to find out who this was made for.  I got with John Boyd to see if he knew or had a record.  He said they did not always have Special Order info if it was a quanity/item they had on hand.  John’s theory is it was a small count for a reunion or conference and they used the item they were already running.  Probably on the shelf already and just needed to have the artist do the Enameling on it.

Circa 1996.


Approximate dimensions:

2 1/2 inches high.

2 1/4 inch top diameter.

2 1/2 inch base.