Fenton for HOACGA Red Good Luck Carnival Glass Shot Glass Bicentennial


  • Color: Red
  • Maker: HOACGA, Fenton
  • Pattern: Good Luck
  • Shape: Shot Glass


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Five (5) available.  Here we have the GOOD LUCK SHOT GLASS by Fenton for the Heart of  American Carnival Glass Association.  This is signed HOACGA and dated 76; a Bicentennial Item.  The interior of these is smooth.

I have shown photos of only one of the shot glasses, so the one you get may not be that one…however, I have all of them in a group picture, of course, they are all very similar, but slightly different since they are hand made.

These are seldom sold without the Decanter, so you have the opportunity to get one of these small items at a reasonable price.  The iridescence on these is varying but most have shades of Magenta, Blue, Yellow, Green…

Made in 1976.

Approximate Dimensions:

2 3/4 inch high.

2 1/8 inches diameter.

1 3/4 inch base.

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