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Levay Fenton Aqua Opal Butterfly & Berry Carnival Glass Crimped Hat Limited #34


  • Color: Aqua Opal
  • Maker: Fenton - Levay
  • Pattern: Butterfly & Berry
  • Shape: Hat

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Here is a limited version of this fabulous pattern! Fenton made this for Gary Levi, aka Levay Glass! I know this was a limited edition but I’m not sure based on the numbering how many were made with this fabulous crimped top! You can see the signature, date and number on the base!  It says #34 but does not say out of how many.  These Levay Butterfly & Berry pieces are highly collectible to say the least!

The iridescence is pretty here with a lot of butterscotchiness and some colors near the bottom!  GREAT BUTTERSCOTCH with PINKS and AQUA INSIDE! SUPER heavy opal! SUPER cool ribbon look around the top! See the top photos! Some spotting on the interior.

Aqua colored glass.  Fenton 8 oval on the base.

This was made in 1980.

Great limited piece!


Approximate Dimensions

4 1/2 inches top diameter

3 1/2 inches tall