Levay’s Intaglio White Pinwheel Carnival Glass Paperweight


  • Color: Crystal, White
  • Maker: Intaglio Glass
  • Pattern: Pinwheel
  • Shape: Paperweight


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This is a PINWHEEL shaped Paperweight made by Gary Levi’s Intaglio Glass Company.  This has a prominent RIB pattern that comes to a point on the top like the center of a Pinwheel.  Gary Levi bought Intaglio from Mike Ladd and this item was made at the shop in Alton, IL.  It has subtle iridescence.  This piece is flat on the base and signed ANTON INTAGLIO.  This is for Susan Anton Carr, a designer at Intaglio.

As with all most all Levay Intaglio Glass items, these were very limited…

Circa 1990+.


Approximate dimensions:

1 3/4 inches high.

3 inch diameter.

1 inch base logo.

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