Mosser for Levay Aqua Opal Good Luck Carnival Glass Giant Rose Bowl


  • Color: Aqua Opal
  • Maker: Levay, Mosser
  • Pattern: Good Luck, Paneled Grape
  • Shape: Bowl, Rose Bowl


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This is a really nice GOOD LUCK Aqua Opal Giant Rose Bowl with the Paneled Grape Exterior.  This was made using the old Westmoreland Good Luck mold (a large bowl or Chop Plate mold) which Gary Levi owned.  The interior is heavily Stippled which makes the colors show better.  And, they are all in there somewhere.  Gary did Scribe sign this item.  And, it is heavy.

While most think this was made for Levay by Fenton, I do not.  I believe it was made for him by Mosser.  The glass is Aqua, but a lighter Aqua than Fenton’s.  I also know that Gary had some Aqua Opal Good Luck plates made at Mosser…so, I believe this is a Mosser pour.

Levay Glass had a limited run of all items he had made regardless of the Maker.  I see a lot of Levay glass, I have never seen this one.  He also was one to try to make different shapes using the same mold.  I acquired this from a person who was very close to Gary & Dodi (they have and have had quite a few one of a kind items)…it is just possible that this is a test item or at least one of a very few.

For dating, I am using the year that Gary had the Vaseline Opal and Red Carnival Pony Plates and Bowls made by Mosser (you will see these attributed to Fenton all the time).

I know I a bit wordy here, but I felt I needed to tell you what I thought about this bowl.  And, I am going to call Tom M and see if he remembers this.

Circa 2007+.


Approximate dimensions:

3 5/8 inches high.

7 7/8 inch top diameter.

4 7/8 inch base.