Westmoreland for Levay Aurora Blue Opal Paneled Grape Opalescent Glass Water Set


  • Color: Blue Opal
  • Maker: Levay, Westmoreland
  • Pattern: Paneled Grape
  • Shape: Pitcher, Tumbler, Water Set




This is a really nice Aurora Blue Opal Paneled Grape Water Set (Pitcher & 6 Tumblers) made by Westmoreland Glass for Gary Levi’s, Levay Glass.  These are signed WG on the base.  This was a special order item when Gary was the Creative Director of Westmoreland.  Gary did not sign all items…later he began to Scribe sign his items.

Levay Glass had a limited run of 50 of these Water Sets made using Westmoreland mould #1881.. I see a lot of glass, I have never seen this one.  And, as you can tell by the title, Gary was a bit creative with his Color names…

Circa 1980.


Approximate dimensions:

Pitcher:  9 inches high.

4 1/2 inch top diameter.

3 7/8 inch base.

Tumbler:  4 1/4 inches high.

3 1/8 inch top diameter.

2 3/8 inch Octagon base.