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Antique Dugan Peach Opal Petal & Fan Carnival Glass Large Bowl


  • Color: Peach Opal
  • Maker: Dugan
  • Shape: Bowl

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Large – Dramatic – 8 Ruffles!

Here is an exceptional bowl!! It is the Petal and Fan pattern but this is not your typical one of these… this is SUPER HUGE and has very dramatic ruffles!  Also there are 8 of them as opposed to the typical 6.  The dramatic dip with these ruffles is nearly 2 inches!

The iridescence is BEAUTIFUL! Lots of lovely colors atop an even peachy background!  The center literally sparkles in your inside light!

The opal is exquisite! You see it so prominently on every pearl on the edge!! To find a better piece of peach opal would be a challenge!!

The back pattern is the same one that is on the back of Dugan’s Farmyard bowls! It’s called Jeweled Heart.

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

10 3/4 inches diameter

3 5/8 inches tall

1 5/8 inches tall to the dip