Antique Dugan Carnival Glass For Sale

Antique Dugan Glass for sale at CarnivalGlass.comDugan (and Dugan/Diamond) Glass Company, formerly of Indiana, Pennsylvania, made high quality glass from 1904-1931! offers a large variety of antique Dugan glass for sale.

If you’re interested in Dugan glass, we offer antique Dugan glass on this page, and could have pieces of Dugan under on our other pages, ex. Opalescent & Goofus for example.

We endeavor to provide a nice selection of Dugan glass for you, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please email or call!

About Dugan Glass Company

Dugan Glass Company was only in business for a short time before becoming a part of the Diamond Glass Company.  In that short time it made a distinct mark on carnival glass, notably with their peach opalescent glass.

Dugan Carnival Glass For Sale offers antique Dugan glass for sale in a large variety of colors, patterns and shapes.  Check back often to find new pieces of antique Dugan glass for sale.