Antique Dugan Purple Lattice & Points Carnival Glass 4″ Hat Vase


  • Color: Amethyst, Purple
  • Maker: Dugan
  • Pattern: Lattice & Points, Vining Twigs
  • Shape: Hat, Vase


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A really nice Purple LATTICE & POINTS aka Vining Twigs Carnival Glass HAT shape VASE.  Dugan’s Purple is some of the best Purple and this is no different, especially when you see the stretch on the interior iridescence.  This is a beauty.

This 4″ high Vase has an 8 Crimp top rim treatment.  This interior has the Daisy in the base…Sherman Hand called this pattern Diamond & Daisy.  All the iridescent colors are there in the interior; the exterior is more of the golden bronze look.

Circa 1914.


Approximate dimensions:

4 inches high.

5 3/8 inch top diameter.

2 7/8 inch base.

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