Antique Dugan Radium Marigold Constellation Carnival Glass Compote


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Dugan
  • Pattern: Constellation
  • Shape: Compote


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This is the only Constellation compote I’ve had in a RADIUM marigold! Marigold is tough to find but to find radium… very tough as Dugan did not make much radium carnival glass.

Coloring is so pretty too! Take a look at the pictures! So many great colors and again, shine!

This Compote was made by Dugan.  The exterior pattern is now called Seafoam for some odd reason…it is the S-REPEAT PATTERN… In fact, the Constellation Compotes are made from the S-Repeat Goblet mould that Dugan got from National.  And the interior is the Constellation plunger.

Please disregard dark areas as there is no loss.

Great s-repeat pattern on the back!

Made in the early 1900s. Est. circa 1914.


Approximate Dimensions

5 inches tall

5 1/4 inches diameter

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