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Antique Dugan Peach Opal Soutache Carnival Glass Whimsey Plate


  • Color: Peach Opal
  • Maker: Dugan
  • Pattern: Soutache
  • Shape: Whimsey Plate

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Ok check this out… this is a Dugan piece in the Soutache pattern!  BUT it is not your ordinary piece!! This is a whimsey plate! Look at how the shell/fans bump out and have scalloping… look at the points by the other narrower fans!

AND IT IS SQUARE!  Usually these are round and maybe crimped… not like this! Look it up!

This is a rare piece and the cool factor is OFF THE CHARTS!!

I think Triplets is the back pattern. Dome footed.

The front is your peachy part of the peach opal combo here.  Lovely golden peach with splashes of pink etc.  Back is non-iridized and boy can you see the generous opalescence!!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

3 1/4 inches to tallest point

9 inches square