Antique Imperial Marigold Floral & Optic Carnival Glass Flared Bowl


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Imperial
  • Pattern: Floral & Optic
  • Shape: Bowl, Footed Bowl


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This is a nice, bright, shiny Imperial FLORAL & OPTIC Round Flared Bowl.  My apologies for the shadows and glare from the lighting…this bowl is so reflective I could not get better photos.

This is a pattern made up of Optic Panels (Wide Panel type) and a band of Flowers on the exterior near the top of the rim.  The pressing is good…you can see the panels.  The color is a DARK, RICH and BRIGHT MARIGOLD on the interior.  And, a GOLD looking, reflective finish on the exterior.

In the base photo, the collar, where you would normally see Clear Glass, you see dark orange…that is how the iridescence on the interior of the bowl looks…DARK.

Circa 1924.


Approximate dimensions:

3 1/8 inches high.

8 3/4 inch top diameter.

2 1/4 inch Collar base diameter.

4 78″ 3-Toe Spread.