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Antique Imperial Smoke Freefold Carnival Glass Swung Vase


  • Color: Smoke
  • Maker: Imperial
  • Pattern: Freefold
  • Shape: Vase

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This is a beautiful Swung Freefold Vase by Imperial in Smoke iridescence.  While the color does not go all the way down, it does graduate into the Smoke color.  None of this type vase is like another, all hand swung and shaped at the top.  They always remind me of an IRIS, the TN state flower.

This one, for all its beauty, does have a bubble in the glass in one of the taller ruffles in the back.  And, for me, a No Harm item:  there is a bit of grit in the high edge of a ruffle in the front. In the top photo, just to the left of 6PM is the grit point.  It is more easily felt than seen.

This is the smaller base size with the 12-point star in the base.  And, because it is over 12″, I will have to use a larger box to ship.

Circa 19teens.

~NO CHIPS OR CRACKS~ manufacturing described above.

Approximate dimensions:

12 5/8 inches high.

4 3/8 inches wide.

2 7/8 inch base.