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Antique Millersburg Peacock Urn Variant Amethyst Carnival Glass Bowl *NO BEE


  • Color: Amethyst
  • Maker: Millersburg
  • Pattern: Peacock and Urn
  • Shape: Bowl

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Although I love bees, this bowl is outside of the norm because there is none here! This is a cute bowl made by Millersburg Glass and pattern is Peacock & Urn.

Pale amethyst glass – not light enough to be lavender in my opinion.

Iridescence very nice showing no wear … real royal blue, rainbow and purples!

This bowl kind of flares out and then goes up so perhaps could be a little bit of a different shape… the mould strike is amazing! Use our zoom feature!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

5 3/8 inches diameter

1 5/8 inches tall

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