Antique Northwood Marigold Rose Show Carnival Glass Plate


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Northwood
  • Pattern: Rose Show
  • Shape: Plate


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Here is a Lovely, Dark Pumpkin Marigold Rose Show Plate… The Color/Iridescence is basically even all around.  It is a really nice example.

As you know, Northwood plates are typically not Flatten out as much as the other manufacturers.  At 2″ high, it is a plate.  And, in case you did not already know, Rose Show pieces are never signed and have an Intaglio Base.

No one ever talks about the back pattern for these.  The back pattern is an older Northwood pattern made in Opalescent Glass called Woven Wonder (ca 1908); we mainly refer to it as Basketweave.

Circa 1913.  A few years back, Tom Felt, of the WV Museum of American Glass found a Baltimore Bargain House Catalog Ad until then there was no proof that it was Northwood.

~NO CHIPS OR CRACKS~ There is some sand in the high spot of one of the roses, barely felt and you need a loupe to see.  This is reflected in my price.

Approximate dimensions:

2 inches high.

9 3/8 inch top diameter.

3 3/8 inch base diameter.