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Antique Northwood Sapphire Blue Four Pillars Carnival Glass Vase


  • Color: Sapphire
  • Maker: Northwood
  • Pattern: Four Pillars
  • Shape: Vase

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Here is a tough vase to find! It is a Northwood sapphire blue Four Pillars vase! Such a classic beauty!

This vase has a super neat square top! It also has a great sheen to it!  Ribbed interior.

The iridescence is SO COLORFUL and beautiful!

Sapphire blue glass is highly desirable!

Four pillars footed vases are tough to find with no damage to the toes.  This glass is so old you just expect some damage to them.  Here you have a tiny bite underneath one toe and some roughness along one other toe.  So minor… most wouldn’t even mention it!   Not worthy of calling chips honestly.

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

9 3/8 inches tall

3 5/8 inches square top


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