Antique Standard Marigold Etched Deco Flat Plate from Compote


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Lancaster, Standard
  • Pattern: Etched Deco
  • Shape: Compote, Plate


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This is my understanding..Hocking owns Lancaster and Standard, when one of their plants burned in 1924, the cutting and etching for orders was transfered to this plant.  I have read that all the Standard Cuttings have Female names…after Ladies who worked there.

This pattern is shown in The Encyclopedia of CG and calls this cut “Trudy”.  I have a “Trudy” ad (HMW 2) and the cut is the same except it has a Flower and not the Hanging Balls.  In Zastowney’s, Lancaster Glass, page 89, this cutting is called CASPER (I do not associate to a female name).  Thus, it may be a Lancaster cutting…I no longer know…LOL.

Either way, this is a really nice Late Carnival/Art Deco era type item.  In this case, it is a Flat Plate made from the Compote.  (I am also putting up a rolled rim vase with the same Wheel Cut).

Circa 1925+.


Approximate dimensions:

2 1/8 inches high.

7 3/8 inches wide.

3 1/4 inch base.