Antique Vineland Wisteria Trumpet Stretch Carnival Glass Candle Holders


  • Color: Purple, Wisteria
  • Maker: Vineland
  • Pattern: Trumpet
  • Shape: Candle Holder


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Here is a Pair of Vineland Trumpet Candle Holders in Wisteria (Purple).  These are a cross over being both Carnival Glass and Stretch.  These sit flat on the bases.  I have shown different angles under the same lighting trying to get the iridescent colors to show for you.

One candle has a chip on the top that is filled with Glue?  We normally do not put damaged items on our website, however, we felt that this pair is scarce enough to be an exception.  Damaged one is on left in main photo, and is the 2nd one in the series.

As you can see, these have a lot of color in the correct lighting situation.

Circa 1920’s.


Approximate dimensions:

7 inches high.

1 3/4 inch top diameter.

4 inch base.

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