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Antique Westmoreland Carolina Dogwood Swirled Peach Opal Carnival Glass Bowl


  • Color: Peach Opal
  • Maker: Westmoreland
  • Pattern: Carolina Dogwood
  • Shape: Bowl

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Here is an unusual Carolina Dogwood bowl by Westmoreland.  It is not your true “peach opal” in that the base glass is not clear.  Yet it is not marigold on milkglass because you can see the slagginess in the glass.  Perhaps it is a moonstone?  Either way, it is a unique AND beautiful piece!

Take a look at the one of a kind rainbow ring!  Not just round but in a scalloped floral shape itself! You KNOW a factory worker intended this to be the way it looked and it is just a beautiful effect!  There is lovely aqua and pink in the flowers and leaves too! All the while the peach color is rich and not lacking!  Just a phenomenal top shelf example!

The edge on these bowls is too cool as well!

All in all an exceptional piece and one that is one of a kind insofar as the iridescence goes, for sure!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

8 5/8 inches diameter

2 inches tall


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