Fenton Sky Blue Opal Peacock Garden Glass Vase


  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Pattern: Peacock Garden
  • Shape: Vase


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~~ A BEAUTY ~~

This is Fenton’s PEACOCK GARDEN  Vase in Sky Blue Glass. It is Opal in a way and has a slag look at times.   This is Not signed on the base but has a Fenton Label and Sticker.  This vase is basically as it comes from the mould.

I saw that this was made for the Gift Shop and that the family signing was at a VIP Night event…since this is not signed I give you the following info.

In the Fenton Newsletter from March 27, 2008:  and I quote “Spring has sprung and the late Wilmer C. “Bill” Fenton LOVED the color blue. What a perfect time to offer this elegant Sky Blue Peacock vase, created exclusively for the Fenton Gift Shop. This fresh new color featuring a translucent quality with unique striations is enhanced with the signatures of his three children still involved with the company: Randy Fenton, Christine Fenton and Shelley Fenton.” and “EXCLUSIVES! Z43917B 8” Sky Blue Peacock Vase, Signed by Randy, Christine and Shelley Fenton $124.00″.  But, this is NOT SIGNED signed by anyone.

Circa August 2008.


Approximate dimensions:

7 7/8 inches tall

3 3/4 inches top diameter

3 3/4 inch base diameter

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