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Imperial Marigold Zipper Loop Carnival Glass Oil Lamp


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Imperial
  • Pattern: Zipper Loop #201
  • Shape: Oil Lamp

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This is the Contemporary version of pattern #201.  It was made by the original maker using the original moulds.  This is a nice even Marigold (Rubigold in the Contemporay Catalogs) with Pinks & Yellows in the iridescence.  This one is signed IG on the inside of the base.

While this on has no Chimney, you can get one at any lighting store or on line.  The catalog calls it a 17″ Lamp, so a 9″+- height is what you would need on the chimney.  Remember it has no chimney, but, I have given you one photo using my chimney so you will know what to look for.

Newer than the Old ones, but, still considered Scarce.

Circa 1968.


Approximate dimensions:

7 7/8 inches high with no Burner or Chimney.  See photo with burner off.

4 3/4 inch base.