Jeannette Tree Bark Marigold Carnival Glass Lamp


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Jeannette
  • Pattern: Tree Bark, Tree Bark Variant
  • Shape: Lamp


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I have only ever seen 2 of these TREE BARK VARIANT Lamps.  While they appear to be a factory product I have found no ad for the Lamp.  However, I did find an ad with the glass parts in it.  Below is what this lamp is comprised of:

Put together with a:

25oz Giant Ice Tea #407A TA measuring 6 3/4 inches High, 3 3/4 inch Top, 2 3/4 inch Base.  This has a ground “V” in the lip for the wiring to come thru.

Large Chip/Dip Bowl #269/3 TA measuring 7 inches High, 9 1/4×8 3/4 inch Oval Top, 6 1/4 inch Base.  Typical nicks where hole was drilled in base.

Small Chip/Dip Bowl #269/9 TA measuring 2 3/8 inches High, 5×4 3/4 inch Oval Top, 3 7/8 inch Base.  Typical nicks where hole was drilled in base.

The Socket for the Bulb with the wiring has been replaced…the original wiring would have gone into the lamp center and come out thru the base “V” so the lamp would sit flat.

NOTE:  due to the size, it takes an over sized box to ship this in.  At times we can do 2 boxes instead of one and save you a bit of money…We never know until we box to ship to you.  Anytime we ship, we always do so in the most cost efficient manner and refund what we can.

Circa 1960-70’s based on the Ad I saw.


Approximate dimensions:

17 inches high with Finial.

16 1/4 inch high without Finial.

6 1/4 inch top.

3 3/4 inch base.

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