Mosser Red Fine Rib Carnival Glass Un-swung Vase


  • Color: Red
  • Maker: Sheffield, Mosser
  • Pattern: Fine Rib
  • Shape: Mini Jardiniere, Squatty Vase, Vase


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This is FINE RIB in a “Red All The Way” as it came from the mould…un-swung and un-shaped…”SQUATTY” Vase.  You can call it a Mini-Jardiniere since the Jardiniere’s are from the Funeral Vase moulds that are not swung into a vase.

Sheffield bought the Large Standard FINE RIB mould from George Fenton as they were going out-of-business.  He was going to have some Vases made, so, I had 50 iridized, to sell, as they came from the mould…THERE ARE NO KNOWN ITEMS made by Fenton in this pattern STRAIGHT FROM THE MOULD.

You do not have to ask if it is Red, all you need do is look at it….It is RED.  The iridescence is mainly blue, magenta, gold, yellow & green colors.  The colors vary with the lighting…but all are nicely iridized.  It is signed SSS in the base for Scott & Suzanne Sheffield.

In the Carnival Glass World fifty (50) of an item is not a lot.  I have 5 available for sale thru the site at this time.  The photos are of a Typical Vase and not necessarily the one I ship…however, they are all very similar.  You will not be disappointed.

Circa Dec 2019.


Approximate dimensions:

4 7/8 inches high.

3 1/4 inch top diameter.

2 7/8 inch base.