Robert Hansen Red Michigan Carnival Glass Toothpick Holder


  • Color: Red
  • Maker: Degenhart, Robert Hansen
  • Pattern: Beaded Ovals, Michigan
  • Shape: Toothpick Holder


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UNSIGNED, but, not all Hansen items are signed.  I do have this pattern in Green that is signed Robert and FYI, the Red one I saw sell a couple of years ago was not signed either.  I am going to put a photo of the Green one up for you to see that the gold iridescence on the Ovals is the same (last photo).

This is a Red MICHIGAN aka Beaded Ovals Toothpick Holder.  This was a Degenhart blank that was stuck up and iridized by Hansen.

The Hansen Brothers began iridizing glass in the 1960’s.  This type of glass is actually Art Glass … it has a pattern because they bought pattern glass from various manufactuers to Iridize.  And, they used metallic salts that the others did not use.  The gold on this item is via gold chloride.

Circa 1970’s IMHO.


Approximate Dimensions

2 1/2 inches high.

2 1/4 inche top.

1 3/4 inch base.

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