Robert or Ron Hansen Amber Galloway Carnival Glass Toothpick Holder


  • Color: Amber
  • Maker: Degenhart, Hansen
  • Pattern: Galloway
  • Shape: Toothpick Holder


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First so you don’t miss it… this is unsigned.  It came from a collection with many pieces of Hansen glass.  This has all of the earmarks of Hansen and it is well documented that the Hansen brothers did not sign every single piece.

The glass color is AMBER.  This item was a Degenhart blank, stuck up and iridized by Hansen.  There is a small finger feel on the rim, it is grit in the glass (I had to use a loupe to see it).

The iridescence is Hansen.  When you see enough of it you get to where you can tell…

Hansen’s were both brilliant iridizers of glass with their experimental oxide treatments! Pieces are not prevalent and are highly collectible!  Although I don’t know what year these were made, the Hansen brothers (Robert and Ron) started doing this in the 1960s.  I know that Degenhart made Amber in 1969, so I will say these are 69-70.

Wonderful piece!  You know these smalls are becoming more and more collectible!!

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Approximate Dimensions

2 3/8 inches tall.

2 1/8 inch top diameter.

1 1/2 inch base diameter.