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St. Clair Cobalt Blue Iris Carnival Glass Picture Frame for ICGA


  • Color: Cobalt Blue
  • Maker: St Clair
  • Pattern: Iris
  • Shape: Picture Frame

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This is a Souvenir from the 1976 International Carnival Glass Association Convention in Indianapolis, IN.  This was made by St. Clair Glass as a special order…all special order items are limited…only 476 were made.  It is signed ICGA & J.ST.C.

This is a beautiful item, the flowers “POP”, if you know what I mean.  As you can see in the main photo: The flowers on the bottom of the frame are more raised than the flowers on the top, thus making the look closer, just like you were looking at a flower garden.  This also displays well and is different.   As an aside, the date makes it a Bi-centennial item, so this is another reason to have one.

The mold for this items was broken after production thus it does not exist now, so, no more can be made.

Circa 1976.


Approximate Dimensions:

3/8 inches high.

8 x 8 inches square.