Terry Crider White Austrian EAPG Carnival Glass Tumbler Whimsy


  • Color: White
  • Maker: Terry Crider
  • Pattern: Austrian
  • Shape: Tumbler


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This is a AUSTRIAN Crystal Tumbler that has been stuck up and iridized by Terry Crider.  This is an EAPG pattern, also known as Fine Cut Medallion, that was made by Greentown in 1897, then Indiana Glass as their #200, then Federal Glass in 1914.

This AUSTRIAN Tumbler is iridized WHITE with subtle iridescent colors, pastels.  This is a very colorful item.  This one is Signed CRIDER on the base.

Crider would pick up items, take them to his shop, where he used metallic salts that he made and then iridize the item.  Any Crider EAPG item is very scarce and some are one of one.  The contemporary items were purchased as non-iridized blanks at the factories, so, there will be more of that type item, but, still very limited.

Circa Tumbler 1897-1914; Crider iridized 1976-90.


Approximate Dimensions:

3 7/8 inches high.

2 7/8 inch top.

2 5/8  inch Dome base.

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