Westmoreland for Levay Purple Colonial Flute Carnival Glass Water Set


  • Color: Purple
  • Maker: Levay, Westmoreland
  • Pattern: Colonial, Flute
  • Shape: Tumbler, Water Pitcher, Water Set


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This Westmoreland COLONIAL pattern #1770 aka FLUTE Water Pitcher and #1776 set of Six (6) tumblers was made as a Special Order for Gary Levi’s, Levay Glass.  Would you look at the colors on this set, greens, blues, yellows, magenta.  These sit flat on the base and are signed WG in the dead center of the base.  The Water Pitcher also has the old Keystone mark very light in the inside center.

The tumbler photo is typical for all the tumblers.

As with all Special Orders by smaller companies from a major company, this item was a limited production run of 225 Sets.

Since the USPS began this any box over 1728 cubic inch up charge…Samantha and I have found that it is cheaper to ship water sets in 2 boxes instead  of one big box.  So, this will be shipped in 2 boxes.

Update:  I have found a matching tumbler and replaced the one in the front on the right side in the set photo for you.  I did not want to unbox the set and re-photo.

Circa 1977.


Approximate dimensions:

Pitcher weighs almost 4 pounds and is:

8 1/4 inches high.

5 inch top diameter.

4 1/4 inch Hexagon base.

Tumblers weigh 11+- ounces each and are:

3 7/8 inches high.

3 inch top diameter.

3 inch Hexagon base.

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