Antique Dugan Vaseline Opal Inverted Fan & Feather Opalescent Glass Spittoon Top


  • Color: Vaseline Opal
  • Maker: Dugan
  • Pattern: Inverted Fan & Feather
  • Shape: Spittoon, Vase


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This is a DUGAN Inverted Fan & Feather Vaseline Opal Spittoon Whimsey.  When this item was made the color was called Canary, the EAPG yellow color.  This is often refered to as a Ladies Spittoon.  The Opalescence is over 60% of this piece.  This sits flat on 4 ball type feet.  It has no problems with the feet as many do.  It is a hard to find item.

Yes, I know you will see it in many books etc. as Northwood.  And, indeed it was originally a Northwood pattern which they used to make Custard Glass items with.  Most people forget or do not know that there were 2 Northwood Companies.  The 1st which made the IFF items went into the National Glass conglomerate and was bought out of the bankruptcy by Thomas Dugan…DUGAN Glass Company.

I use a small 5 LED UV Flashlight for the Blacklight photo(s).

Circa 1904.


Approximate dimensions:

5 inches high.

3 5/8 inch top diameter.

3 1/2 inch foot spread.