Antique Fenton Amethyst Persian Medallion Carnival Glass Small Compote


  • Color: Amethyst
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Pattern: Persian Medallion, Wide Panel
  • Shape: Compote


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This is a nice, Amethyst Persian Medallion 6-Ruffle Small Compote.  It has Fenton’s Wide Panel exterior and as most do, it has a slight twist in the stem.  At  the lower portion of the medallions, there is a yellow iridescent ring around the bowls interior, this makes the greens stand out.

With the glare from some camera photos, the interior pictures are not the same, I turned the item to show both sides.  As you might have guessed from the photos, the exterior of this item is not iridized.  This item does not come along very often…and its a nice one.

I have a photo of the rim with a few small ash burns.  All of these small Persian Medallion Compotes are considered SCARCE, regardless of the color.

Circa 1911+.


Approximate dimensions:

5 inches high.

6 inches wide.

2 7/8 inch base.