Antique Fenton Blue Orange Tree Carnival Glass Butter Dish


  • Color: Blue
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Pattern: Orange Tree
  • Shape: Butter Dish


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This lovely, hard to find blue Orange Tree Covered Butter Dish is part of the Table Set.  This one has a lot of various colors in the iridescence and is just beautiful!  You don’t see these very often.

All utilitarian pieces (particularly lidded and those with feet) are susceptible to damage over their lifetimes… Since we like to let you know as much about the item as possible:  There is a tiny nick to the inside flange of the base, and one of the Stylized Owl Toes has a small chip on the side of the toe (in the photo, it is to the right side at the back). Minor!

Buy pretty glass!

Circa 1909.

~NO CRACKS….Minor damage described above~

Approximate dimensions:

6 inches high overall.

7 5/8 inches wide.

4 7/8 inch diagonal on 4-toe spread.

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