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Antique Fenton Dragon & Lotus Amethyst Carnival Glass ICS Footed Bowl


  • Color: Amethyst
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Pattern: Dragon & Lotus
  • Shape: Bowl

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Do you like bold iridescence?! Here you go! This bowl is crazy beautiful with bold MAGENTA, YELLOW, INDIGO, AQUA… you name it! Yes, it really REALLY looks this good!

Dragon and Lotus is a popular pattern and there is no shortage of collectors who treasure it… that should tell you something right there!

This is the round bowl that is footed! ┬áThe bowl does lean a little bit giving the bowl a height variation of about a quarter of an inch; that stuff doesn’t matter to most people because you display the bowl facing front not flat but just in case you care, I’m mentioning this observation.

Prunts on the underside of the feet… one has a chip on it as shown.

BUY PRETTY GLASS! This one will knock your socks off.

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

2 7/8 inches to 3 1/8 inches tall

7 1/2 inches diameter

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