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Antique Fenton Dragon & Lotus Blue Carnival Glass Bowl – Gunmetal


  • Color: Blue
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Pattern: Dragon & Lotus
  • Shape: Bowl

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We have some things to talk about here!

  1. The iridescence is gunmetal which is something you see from time to time in Fenton blue glass! Very cool, but if you want colors, just turn it over! Best multi-colored iridescence ever!
  2. While the iridescence seems all gunmetal, if you tilt the bowl and look at some of the sides of the pattern where it is upraised, you can see some colors! Interesting!
  3. OH MY GOSH! The mould strike is probably the best I’ve ever seen. Look at the middle where you see on the peacock feathers, the feathering and all of the concentric rings! This had to be one of the first made, or one of the first made from a fresh mould.

If you like this pattern, you will want this bowl. Yes you may have a blue one already but not one that looks like this!

Too cool!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

2 1/2 inches tall

8 3/4 inches diameter

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