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Antique Fenton Rustic Marigold Carnival Glass CRE Mid-size Swung Vase


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Pattern: Rustic
  • Shape: Mid-size Vase

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This is a nice, Fenton RUSTIC Swung Vase with the Tight Crimped Edge aka Candy Ribbon Edge.  This is the Mid-size Vase in a nice Orange Marigold.  I really like the way this slopes from the back to the front.  I gave you a side view in the main photo so you could see the slope, most of these I see are just round topped.

Many people say that the larger the piece, the more value it should have… and this is a TALL one at over 16 inches tall! It will command a wonderful presence in your collection!

Circa 1912.


Approximate dimensions:

16 1/8 inches high.

5 1/4 inches top.

4 1/8 inch base.

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