Antique Northwood Jewel & Flower Encore Blue Opalescent Glass Tumbler Gold Gilt Cranberry


  • Color: Blue Opal
  • Maker: Northwood
  • Pattern: Jewel & Flower
  • Shape: Tumbler


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When it comes to blue opalescent glass, this one is certainly a prize! This tumbler is one of my favorite pieces EVER! From my own collection comes this wonderful tumbler in blue opalescent glass. Pattern has been called Encore or Jewel and Flower. It is STUNNING! You can see some beautiful features of this pattern in my photos. I can’t stop looking at it!

Super stippling scrolls, beading, drapes, threading… so cool!

Some excellent well placed gold gilt! Here the threading has this lovely cranberry flash! The opal is fiery and there is a lot of it! I cannot say enough about this lovely water set tumbler!

I’ve not seen one decorated like this before. It is not carnival glass but made by a prominent carnival glass maker and looks amazing displayed WITH your carnival glass if you so choose!

Rim edge is so cool too in fiery opal!

Buy the stuff that makes you smile… this will!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

4 1/8 inches tall

3 inches top diameter


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