Antique Northwood Marigold Wishbone Carnival Glass Tri-Corner Plate


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: Northwood
  • Pattern: Wishbone
  • Shape: Tri-corner Plate


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I love the Wishbone pattern featuring irises! ┬áThis was made by Northwood Glass and is a carnival glass tri-cornered plate! ┬áBack is Ruffles and Rings… another very cool pattern!

The coloring is rich and deep with wonderful yellow, aqua and pinks!! Great rainbows in just the right spots also! Back is clear glass with no iridescence (pattern is ruffles and rings) which is unusual and really makes this bowl super cool!

As you know we strive to provide the best lookin’ glass we can find and this piece certainly qualifies!! I always say… buy pretty glass!!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

8 1/4 inches across

2 3/4 inches tall

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