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Antique Northwood Sapphire Blue Leaf and Beads Carnival Glass Rose Bowl


  • Color: Sapphire
  • Maker: Northwood
  • Pattern: Leaf & Beads
  • Shape: Rose Bowl

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I have to say Sapphire Blue is a tough color to find in any pattern but in a Northwood Leaf & Beads rose bowl, it is really tough! I purchased a rose bowl collection over 10 years ago and it is time to start letting some of them go.

What you’ve got in the way of iridescence is what you see… mostly gold with some splashes/highlights of some blue and pink. Inside the iridescence didn’t spray consistently or is just mostly missing. But you know, when you have an odd color like this, you’d probably rather see the odd color coming through instead of it being covered with iridescence! Interestingly the most multi-color you see is in the arcs of the legs!

There is NO DAMAGE to this rose bowl! Faintly signed N.

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

4 1/2 inches hole diameter

4 inches tall.


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