Antique US Glass? Rising Sun Marigold Carnival Glass Juice Set


  • Color: Marigold
  • Maker: US Glass
  • Pattern: Rising Sun
  • Shape: Juice Set


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Here we have a Rising Sun Juice Set! While this pattern is tough to find to begin with, I will say that the juice set and glasses are really tough! This was made either by US Glass or perhaps by an Argentinian company. I am not sure if anyone knows for sure. Regardless, it is a super set!

The cups are all good. The pitcher has two very tiny flecks off at the bottom as shown. Pretty colors! Very shiny! Some splotchiness.

This comes with 4 cups. We have another listed on the site (and one other not listed) if you’re interested in adding them to your set.

You don’t see these very often.

Made in the early 1930s.


Approximate Dimensions

Pitcher: 8 1/4 inches tall; 7 1/4 inches handle to spout

Juice cup:3 1/2 inches tall; 2 3/16 inches top diameter


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