Antique US Glass Tiffin Twisted Bobeche Topaz Vaseline Stretch Carnival Glass Candleholders BLACK TRIM


  • Color: Vaseline
  • Maker: US Glass
  • Pattern: Twisted Bobeche
  • Shape: Candleholders


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Here is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL Topaz Twisted Bobeche candleholder pair!  AND THEY ARE WITH THE BLACK PAINT TRIM! These were made by U.S. Glass.

The stretch is beautiful on these holders and you can see the iridescence coloring is too! They really glisten so nicely indoors.

The holders are not the same height. They do display beautifully together done to the coloring!

I love how from the top they look like flowers!

They glow brilliantly under a UV light. NOTE: one holder has absolutely no damage; the other has an impact on the side underneath a spiral.

I’m of the understanding that these are pretty rare!  Grab them before someone else does!

Made in the early 1900s.

Approximate Dimensions

1: 9 1/4 inches tall; 4 3/8 inches base

2: 9 3/8 inches tall; 4 3/8 inches base

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