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Fenton for MIMI Amethyst Farmyard Carnival Glass Chop Plate


  • Color: Amethyst, Purple
  • Maker: Fenton, MIMI
  • Pattern: Farmyard, Jeweled Heart
  • Shape: Chop Plate, Plate

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This is #178 of 250 Purple/Amethyst Carnival Glass Chop Plates made by Fenton for Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stone aka MIMI Glass.  This is signed and scribed 178 numbered on the base.  The exterior is the Jewled Heart pattern.

This is not made using the original Dugan Farmyard or Victor (Jeweled Heart) mould.  The Stones had the mould made in Cambridge as a copy of the old one…they were only in business 2 years, December 1973-1975.  Singleton Bailey acquired the mould in 1980 and Fenton made quite a few items and colors for him using this mould.

Circa 1974.


Approximate dimensions:

1 1/8 inches high.

10 7/8 inches wide.

4 inch base.