Fenton Marigold Opal Waterlily Carnival Glass Vase


  • Color: Marigold Opal, Peach Opal
  • Maker: Fenton
  • Pattern: Waterlily
  • Shape: Vase


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A lovely, small Vase in the mould shape.  Mould shape is just as it came from the mould, no crimping or shaping and un-swung.  I say Marigold Opal since Peach Opal is a Dugan color and much more peachy.

This one was made for the Family Signature Series, a limited series.  This one is scribed #148 and scribe signed by Michael Fenton on the base.  And, has a Fenton in an Oval 0 USA mark.

This Vase is just the right size for many uses.  You will love it!  Of the items I have listed in the last few days, this is one I almost kept.  It is sweet….very nice coloring and subtle iridizing on this piece.

Circa 2009.


Approximate dimensions:

5 3/8 inches high.

5 3/8 inch diameter.

4 1/8 inch base.