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Gibson Pink Burmese Plain Carnival Glass Cream Pitcher


  • Color: Pink Burmese, Burmese
  • Maker: Gibson
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Shape: Cream Pitcher

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This is a Small Creamer in Pink Burmese (a yellow custard glass).  All Gibson Glass was handmade, normally in limited quantities, since it was a small glass house.  The Handle is applied to a Vase and the top of the vase is pulled out into a spout shape…wa da—a Creamer.

This has above average PINK on the Yellow Custard (it glows, so Uranium Glass too).  The Pink is a “striking” color on this type of glass…it has to be re-fired to bring the Pink out, thus the pink is not the same on any item.  Almost all items made by (Charles) Gibson are stamp dated & signed in the base…However, this one is not dated, but it is signed Gibson in raised letters in the base; the GIBSON IS IN THE MOULD of the base plate.  There is also a small paper label.

Oh, I use a small 5 LED UV Flashlight for the Blacklight photo(s).  This one glows just enough for you to see it glows.

Circa 1990’s–a pure guess, it could be very early since it also has a paper label.


Approximate dimensions:

4 3/4 inches high.

2 5/8 inches top diameter.

2 3/8 inch base.