LE Smith White Oaken Bucket Carnival Glass Wire Handled Bucket


  • Color: White
  • Maker: LE Smith
  • Pattern: Oaken Bucket
  • Shape: Bucket, Candy Container


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Here is an Oaken Bucket made by LE Smith using the mold they acquired of the Bryce Oaken Bucket.  The Bryce was a Mustard Pot and had the Bail Handle and a Metal Lid.

I did not find it in my Smith book but it is believed to have been used as a Candy Container by Smith in an early time period.  Since this is iridized, we believe it may have been sold as a Toothpick Holder or Cigarette Box.  We know it was issued with a push on the rim for a cigarette to be used as an ashtray…This has no push.  The jury is out till Tom Felt finds it in a file…he is going to re-issue his 1st Smith book and is updating it and adding some items he did not know about.

Circa 1970+.


Approximate dimensions:

2 5/8 inches high.

2 7/8 inch top diameter.

2 1/4 inch base diameter.

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