Levay Fenton Aqua Opal Butterfly & Berry Carnival Glass Cupped Top Tumbler Limited #13/16


  • Color: Aqua Opal
  • Maker: Fenton, Levay
  • Pattern: Butterfly & Berry
  • Shape: Hat


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All of these BUTTERFLY & BERRY Aqua Opal items made for Gary Levi’s, LEVAY GLASS by Fenton are hard to find.  This is the Slightly Cupped In Top Tumbler shape made from the Tumbler and is #13/16.  You can see the signature, date and number on the base!  These Levay Butterfly & Berry pieces are highly collectible to say the least!

The Opal is nice & thick at the top and goes about 1/4 of the way down; then the iridescent shows up and there is more color on this one than most!

Aqua colored glass which is only discernible through a thin part of the base as shown.  Fenton 8 oval on the base.  Great limited piece! It’s a beauty!

Circa 1980.


Approximate Dimensions

4 1/4 inches high.

2 3/4 inch top diameter.

2 1/2 inches base diameter.

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