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Antique Millersburg Gay Nineties Amethyst Carnival Glass Tumbler – RADIUM


  • Color: Amethyst
  • Maker: Millersburg
  • Pattern: Gay Nineties
  • Shape: Tumbler

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Here is an amazing Millersburg amethyst carnival glass tumbler! This is the only one I’ve ever had and it is so neat! Gay nineties is a rare pattern. Very few water sets are out there in this pattern… and very few stand-alone tumblers.  By way of example, I know of only 5 that have sold between now and 2017. FIVE! That is a low number.

Note the pattern intricacies… along the top of the pattern are waves that remind me of the Seacrest Dugan pattern. Then the tiers remind me of seashells. Maybe I need to get to the beach… clearly I am missing it!

This is truly a neat tumbler no matter how you see it. IT IS SO SHINY and that is what Millersburg is known for right… that RADIUM!

Wonderful golds and silvers but don’t miss the colors hidden in the crevices.

No damage. One burn spot next to a manufacturing small slice as you can see in one of the photos near the bottom of the tumbler (which is at the top of the photo since I photographed it upside down). Small and just the way it was made, folks.

Sits with no wobble.

Buy pretty glass!

Made in the early 1900s.


Approximate Dimensions

3 7/8 inches tall

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